FIFe pedigree cattery from Finland

Lämpimästi tervetuloa kotisivuillemme
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Tales from CALPURNIA cats 

Our Breeding Philosophy

Where beauty meets integrity


Responsible and ethical breeding of pedigree Canadian Sphynx cats

Breed standard

We cherish uncompromisingly FIFe breed standard for Canadian sphynx
Breeding Quality – not Quantity


All our breeding cats are periodically health tested and certified – We only associate with reputable breeders


Our combinations are always carefully selected. We only use good-natured parents, and the cats grow up in the middle of the family's everyday life


FIFe  –  Fédération Internationale Féline 
Suomen Kissaliitto ry  –  The Finnish Cat Association
Suomen Rotukissayhdistys ry  – Finnish Pedigree Cat Association
Sfinxit ry  –  Canadian sphynx club of Finland